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    Steps to Create a More Diverse & Inclusive Hiring
    Manjuri Sinha
    Global Head of Talent Acquisition
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    How to Create Impactful Outreaches
    Mark Deubel kopie
    Mark Deubel
    Senior Tech Recruiter
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    The 5 Biggest Recruitment Trends of 2021

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    The 5 Biggest Recruitment Trends of 2021

    In our first webinar for..

    2 min read
    14 Recruitment Books to Have in Your Library

    We believe in continuous..

    3 min read
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    14 Recruitment Books to Have in Your Library
    Daniela Zasheva
    Former Marketing Intern at WeAreKeen
    Deep Dive into Keen's Wow Factors
    Maja Rutkowska
    Former Recruiter & Internal Talent Partner at WeAreKeen
    Recruitment podcasts 101: Our Top 5 Picks
    Laima Hamel-Jolette
    Head of Marketing at WeAreKeen

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