April 8, 2020

5 ways to turn this slow hiring time into an opportunity for your recruitment team!

#1  The human touch

These crazy times have a huge impact on all of us. If you are single, maybe feeling a bit lonely, or if you are managing a household with a full-time job and kids running around. It does not matter, it affects us all and everybody has their own challenges to face. 

So, be human first!

As a people manager myself I really miss my team. I miss the little chats at the coffee machine and during which I sometimes hear the most. I miss seeing their body language and knowing how they feel. I miss the little interactions and being able to act upon these signals fast. 

And, of course, managing them remotely will always be different than seeing them in real life but these tips might help to get a bit closer to how it used to be.

Plan a weekly one-on-one video meeting with every team member and first focus on their personal situation. How do they really feel, how is their family doing, what are they struggling with and how are they coping with all these changes. 

But, also ask where they DO get energy from, what makes them tick! How do they think they can be most productive and happy. You will discover hidden talents or new competencies together! 

Be transparent! About your own feelings (be human),  but also about how the organisation is doing and what your future plans are. They have enough uncertainties to deal with, so try to be as transparent as possible. They are all smart people, use their ideas and suggestions to design a new plan!


#2  Focus on personal development

Slow hiring, means more time! Time to learn and develop yourself. During (hyper)growth it’s hard to keep focussing on these topics, so do it now!

Let the recruiters prepare nice workshops for each other. Everybody has certain expertise that they are passionate about (sourcing, interviewing, candidate experience, recruitment marketing, you name it!). Share this knowledge with the team. Make it fun, interactive and most of all, learn from each other.

LinkedIn is exploding with free, and super interesting webinars concerning recruitment topics. Register with the whole team and plan a nice discussion about it afterwards on your main takeaways.

Share nice articles and podcasts with each other, and subscribe to interesting newsletters. 

Also, if there is a bit of budget, follow e-learnings (e.g. SocialTalent) or remote training about recruitment. Divide the topics by interest and, again, give each other workshops!


#3  Enhance your personal & employer brand

As you all know, a well known (personal & employer) brand will generate more visibility and bigger network. This will eventually lead to more applicants on the vacancies and better responses on outreaches to candidates. You need to be ready for future hiring!

I can recommend a great book that covers this topic [The Robot-Proof Recruiter by Katrina Collier] and our last webinar with Sjamilla van der Tooren, but hereby a few takeaways to get started.

Since most of the recruitment is done on LinkedIn, make sure all the personal profiles and the company profile are rock-solid. Sharp (profile) pictures, nice headers and about sections, featured (company)movies, revised Job slots, etcetera. When potential candidates land on either a personal or a company profile, they need to be triggered to learn more!

Share your knowledge! Let your recruiters write blogs about their interest and share them on social media. For your employer brand, it is nice to ask your stakeholders to do the same. Let everybody see that you guys know what you are talking about and why they should join your company.


#4  Build strong pipelines

The one thing I learned from being an agency recruiter for more than a decade is that building strong pipelines is crucial! Quality and speed are in my opinion the most important aspects of recruitment.

With a high-quality pipeline, you are able to deliver the speed that is needed to fulfil a certain position.

A slow hiring period is a great opportunity to proactively fill your database with skilled candidates for different positions and being able to deliver a long list of candidates to your stakeholder within a day when hiring starts again. 

So, rewrite your vacancies from scratch. Ask input from your stakeholders, colleagues and make them informative and appealing. Make them SEO proof, cooperate with the marketing department and ask for their advice. Also, write an open application and make a newsletter to which people can subscribe to receive new job openings.

Depending on the industry you are working in, you might receive a lot of applicants. But, to also attract candidates for the hard to find roles, keep sourcing! Try to engage with talent and grow your network.


#5  The big clean-up

This might not be the most inspiring way to keep your team productive, but it sure is an essential part of getting future proof...The database clean-up :)

Recruitment marketing is gaining ground in all companies that are looking for talent. And recruitment marketing is only effective with high-quality data. You can have loads of candidates in your ATS system,  but if you are not able to share relevant content with the right target audience, it is worth nothing. 🙅🏼‍♀️

As a manager, you need to define how the data should be categorized. After that, all data needs to be double-checked and adjusted where needed. And it all depends on how you or your predecessors managed the database in the past, on how challenging this project will be now… ;-)

Make it a team effort, explain the WHY to get everybody on the same page, divide the work into blocks, spread it over a few days and don’t forget to make it FUN (make it a contest, send updates about who is aiming for the victory, etc.) 

Good luck and trust me, it will pay off!


To wrap up

Shout out to all recruiters and recruitment managers in this slow hiring time. Stay positive, stay human, grasp opportunities in having more time and make sure you are ready for hiring again! 

And since I do not hold the truth for managing under these extraordinary circumstances, I would love to hear your ideas about this topic!

Feel free to reach out anytime.

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