September 14th, 2020

Recruitment Podcasts 101: Our Top 5 Picks

On the train going to work, biking to the supermarket, doing groceries, or on a long flight? Why not listen to a podcast?

According to this research, there are more than 850,000 active podcasts with more than 30 million podcast episodes in more than 100 languages! Podcasts are also an incredible way to acquire new knowledge or expand on your existing knowledge in a specific field. So why not broaden your horizon when it comes to everything-recruitment and listen to a podcast?


1. Recruiting Brain Food

This shouldn’t come as a surprise, since here, at WeAreKeen, we have been following Hung Lee’s newsletter for a while now. In Recruiting Brain Food Lee shares his top tips on how to become a great recruiter, contact candidates and get a response, diversify your pool of candidates, and much, much more! 

If you’re curious about the tips yourself, you can listen to an episode of the podcast here


2. The Chad & Cheese Podcast 

Joel Cheesman and Chad Sowash, two recruitment veterans share their knowledge, break down the hottest news and give awesome tips with a pinch (or more) of humor. A must-hear, especially for a gloomy morning! 

You can find an episode of the Chad and Cheese Podcast here


3. HR Leaders 

Chris Railey, accompanied by HR seniors and thought leaders, shares recruitment insights in his podcast HR Leaders. “What does the future of work look like? Why is it changing? What are the leading organizations doing about it?” - these are some of the questions Railey and his guests answer. 

Curious to find out the answers? Listen to the podcast here.


4. Recruitment On The Go

Are you hungry for a bite-sized podcast on-the-go? Then Harver’s podcast Recruitment On The Go might be the one for you! The hosts Caitie and Mingus share some amazing insights on how to stay on top of your recruitment game in the around 15 minute daily episodes.

Curious to try out this snack? Listen to an episode here.


5. Recruiting Future 

In this podcast, the host, Matt Alder, interviews the pioneers of change in the recruitment industry giving the audience an elaborate breakdown of what the innovation in the sector is aiming to achieve. 

You’d like to find out more about the future of recruitment? Listen to an episode of Recruiting Future here

6. TA Innovation Radio 

Here's a bonus podcast, which we also enjoy - Recruitee's TA Innovation Radio is an interview-based podcast, which focuses on everything HR and Talent Acquisition.  

You can give it a go here

These were our top 5 (plus a bonus) picks on recruitment podcasts but of course, there are a lot more out there. We hope you will give them a go and let us know if you also find them useful and informative!

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