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Strengthen your recruitment skillset from anywhere with WeAreKeen via our Keen Academy now live and online. Learn insightful and practical skills through Live Video Masterclasses to boost your recruitment career. From Sourcing to Employer branding to Recruitment Marketing there is a Masterclass for everyone. WeAreKeen brings together global industry experts combined with an incredible community of recruitment professionals of talent acquisition specialists, sourcers, recruiters, and talent partners.

Supercharge your career with our Masterclasses

Learning solutions that empower both recruiters and talent teams to grow and stay competitive in a rapidly changing recruitment industry. Now live, interactive & online!

Masterclass overview

Reasons to join us

  •   Grow your career and paycheck 😉
  •   Grow your network and join the 'keenie' community
  •   Grow your skillset with the latest industry knowledge
  •   Get the Keen Academy Certificate
  •   Get expert insights and learn practical takeaways
  •   Get trained by world-class Talent Acquisition experts
Recruiters via WeAreKeen

Listen to Magalie' story

Magalie originally from Paris joined WeAreKeen in 2018. She's a Tech Campus Recruiter at the Rabobank in the Netherlands. She enrolled in the Keen Academy and followed all our Masterclasses. As did Babet, Tech Recruiter at N26, and Vaija, Talent Partner @ SafeSize.

Choose, Learn and Grow

Live, online and highly Interactive classes with Global Talent Acquisition Experts and Recruitment peers. Masterclasses will be 2 hours

Keen Academy Masterclasses are for Recruiters, Sourcers, Talent Acquisitions Specialists, Campus Recruiters, HR Professionals... you name it! Open to all levels and from all industries. 

Our Masterclasses are for recruitment teams. You choose the ones you want to follow. Contact us to learn more about the possibilities for your team!


Need more info? 

You might have some more questions or you want to convince your manager to pay for the Masterclass you want to join. No worries, we got your back. Request a brochure and we'll send you an email with some extra information about our Keen Academy and Masterclasses available. 

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