Managing Stakeholder Expectations

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Masterclass Managing Stakeholder Expectations

What if you could gain better results as a recruiter and work more efficiently versus just working harder and spending more hours. What if you have a methodology, a pragmatic formula, and some digital tooling that will help you achieve all this and pro-actively manage your hiring stakeholder at the same time? This Masterclass is for you! 

For whom is this Masterclass?

Recruiters who want to learn how to successfully set up a hiring process (and job description) from beginning to end while pro-actively managing your hiring manager

Recruiters who want to be knowledgeable about the role they're recruiting for, able to sell the position and build credibility towards candidates.

Recruiters who want to use data to manage (unrealistic) hiring expectations

Recruiters who want to work more efficiently and want to grow in their role as a proper Business Partner

About the trainer

Enrico Heidelberg is a freelance Senior Recruiter and Recruitment Manager with a focus on Digital and Technical profiles. He considers himself a “hybrid” recruiter. 50% recruiter, 50% sourcer. He is a strong believer in using technology/tools to work more efficiently and loves and embraces the “open source” culture among recruiters and sourcers. Enrico currently works as a Sr. Tech Recruiter for GameHouse and Tinify. 

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What you will learn 


    How to successfully set up a hiring process (and job description) from beginning to end while pro-actively managing your hiring manager 


    How to have less (undesired) drop-out of candidates - how to keep control and therefore increase your offer-acceptance ratio


    How to gain better results while working more efficiently and smarter vs just working harder.


    To get full control of your hiring process & tackle potential problems BEFORE the process, not halfway (e.g. managing unrealistic hiring expectations or problematic roles) 


    How to better understand, sell the position and most important, build credibility towards HMs and candidates


    To become a better business partner and how to use data to manage (unrealistic) hiring expectations

What's included in this Masterclass?

120 minutes of Live Video Masterclass with super interactive set-up in a studio setting.

Practical insights and strategies you can implement straight away in your daily work as a recruiter to become more efficient.

World-class Trainer with more than 18-year of recruitment experience ranging from scale-ups to enterprises.

You will receive a Digital Goodie-Bag including a job intake template in your inbox which you can personalize

Access for a lifetime to our Keen Academy Slack Channel. 

Last but not least: the Keen Academy Certificate!