Recruitment Marketing Analytics

Masterclasses Overview

in-company only in 2021

Masterclass Recruitment Marketing Analytics

For whom is this Masterclass?

Recruiters who know that data will make their work easier (in the end).

Recruiters who believe that the career site is a vital part of the candidate journey. 

Recruitment Marketeers (aspiring) who want to support clients with more than just recruiting.

About the trainers

We are Jelmer and Jelmer, founders of Roadtrip. We help companies get more value from their recruitment tech stack, by filling in the whitespace between vendors and users. We always operate from a digital marketing perspective and always in a data-informed way. 

We have been working in the recruitment marketing space for over 5 years, from advertising to website optimization to the implementation and development of recruitment tech tooling. We have proven our value for companies such as Picnic,, Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, and others.  

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What you will learn 


    Set-up, go-live and understand how to use analytical tools for recruitment


    Use (free) tools to improve your understanding of recruitment metrics


    Why and how it can help you and your company 


    Discover and understand drop-off points in the candidate journey 


    Launch your first A/B test to improve conversion in the candidate journey 


    How to get started with analysing how your career platform performs

What's included in this Masterclass?

120 minutes of Live Video Masterclass with super interactive set-up in a studio setting.

Practical insights and strategies you can implement right away in your daily work as a recruiter. 

World-class Trainers with Recruitment Marketing experience ranging from start-ups to enterprises.

You will receive a Digital Goodie-Bag including a data dashboard starter kit so you can put your learnings to practice.

Access to a curated resources list, so you can continue your learning path. 

Last but not least: the Keen Academy Certificate!