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Masterclass Successful Sourcing Talent

For whom is this Masterclass?

Recruiters who want to step up their sourcing game to make more and better hires.

Recruiters who want to learn how to successfully set up a sourcing process from beginning to end.

Recruiters who want to get into sourcing and want to learn how to set up a sourcing strategy and execute it.

Recruiters who currently only rely on finding candidates via LinkedIn and want to broaden their horizons and become better in sourcing.

About the trainer, Sjamilla van der Tooren

Freelancer, Tech Sourcer, Recruiter, and Key-note speaker can describe her best. Sjamilla has helped many fast-growing companies scale their technical teams. She has been involved with WeAreKeen since 2017 and has given many trainings. 

What Sjamilla says about this training: ''This training will help you set yourself up for sourcing success, it will teach you everything that is important when sourcing. Sourcing for me is not only searching for people. To be honest - that is the easy part - but a great sourcer knows how to gather and filter information, ask the right questions, and tactilely use this to create smart searches on the relevant platforms. They also should know how to engage with candidates - which is, in the end, the most important thing they will do''.


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What you will learn 


    Walk you through setting up a sourcing strategy from A - Z


    Give you a better understanding of why you should source in the first place


    Why and how it can help you and your company 


    Help you set up a sourcing strategy and process 


    Help you get better at pre- and research so you are able to level and advice your hiring managers 


    Setting-up intakes and writing company narratives based on those

What the heck am I paying for?

120 minutes of Live Video Masterclass with super interactive set-up in a studio setting.

Practical insights and strategies you can implement right away in your daily work as a recruiter.

World-class Trainers with Global Talent Acquisition experience ranging from start-ups to enterprises.

After each Masterclass, we will provide you with a digital 'Goodie-bag' which you and your team can start using straight away.

Last but not least: the Keen Academy Certificate!